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What I’ve learnt — Andrew Stott

Andrew’s been with the firm since 2009, and works on a wide range of commercial and corporate matters for public and private sector clients.

He graduated with a masters in business and management from Strathclyde Business School, and has a law degree from the University of Edinburgh. He’s also recently been appointed vice president of Inverness Chamber of Commerce.

And when he’s not at work, his weekends are spent coaching youngsters at Highland Rugby Club at Canal Park.

Your gut’s usually right

If you have a “sense” that you are right about something, then you probably are. I can recall numerous examples from earlier in my career, where I was negotiating with someone who was my senior in terms of experience, and being told what the “right answer” was.

The problem was what I was being told just didn’t strike me as being quite right. Turns out, more often than not in these situations, gut instinct is right.

Preparation is everything

If you can get something done early – do it! Being prepared and organised really does make your life much easier, and helps you to serve the client, and your colleagues, so much better...

Working environment is important

I have worked in a number of places, whether as a lawyer, or in general business. It is striking how different one working environment can be from another, for the better…..or for worse. I am pleased to say that a positive working culture is something that’s really valued at Ledingham Chalmers, and it shows through the people that work here.

Happy wife…..happy life!

Funnily enough, it was my wife who introduced me to this concept. Why she felt the need to explain it to me, I shall never know…..!

How to avoid looking daft

Before agreeing to coach four-year-olds how to play rugby in front of dozens of eager, enthusiastic parents, you should first complete a PhD in ‘herding cats’. It is rather astonishing how many ways those wee people can make you look like the worst coach lacking any sense of command or authority!

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