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Construction lockdown now on

After much debate, here we have it.

Scottish Government guidance that came into effect on 6 April 2020, says any construction work on non-essential services much be stopped.

Reviewable in three weeks, non-essential services include (by way of example) domestic housing, schools, office buildings, leisure, retail.

In short, it's only essential work if it is critical to the national response to COVID-19, or part of the infrastructure essential for the containment and treatment of the virus and the distribution of food, essential supplies, utilities and communications to households.

Even then, the requirement to comply with health and safety remains — and operations need to cease if those requirements cannot be met.

So, unless within one of the defined essential services or projects, or works can be completed (safely) within the next five days, sites need to close now, with companies required to put in place suitable arrangements for site security and safety.

The full effect of the guidance will need to be digested but there we have it, no more speculation or debate.

Jennifer Young

Firm chairman Jennifer continues to be ranked as a leader in the field of construction law, having been accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a construction law specialist for over 15 years.

Posted, 07 April 2020 by Jennifer Young
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