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Securing what’s in the child’s best interests.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a child, or clarifying parental rights and responsibilities following a separation such as access and custody, trust our specialists to help you reach the best outcome.

In Scotland, parental rights and responsibilities include the right to decide where a child should live — known as residence — and the right to have personal contact with the youngster, known as contact.

These rights and responsibilities can automatically arise as a matter of law, or can be acquired in certain circumstances. Other people, such as grandparents, can also obtain rights.

Beyond advice on the impact of a separation on these rights and responsibilities, from drawing up agreements, to raising court proceedings, our family team can assist you in resolving disputes relating to the care of children.

Here, a significant consideration of the court is the welfare of the child, whose views may be taken into consideration depending on their age.

If you’re considering adoption, our team can make an application on your behalf to the court, as well as offer advice on the process.

In most cases, we offer a fixed fee initial meeting, giving preliminary advice as well as guidance on the next steps, including a clear explanation of our costs going forward, if you decide to proceed.

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