Arbitration and collaboration

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Effectively resolving matters out of court.

Arbitration and collaborative law are processes for people who are separating, divorcing, or dissolving a civil partnership, or who have disputes relating to children.

They then avoid the cost, stress and longer timescale associated with settling a dispute in court.

Collaborative family law is where parties work together, with their individually-appointed lawyers, throughout a series of scheduled meetings to find a mutual settlement to conclude all matters in the best interests of them and their family.

Here, a participation agreement is signed at the outset, confirming a commitment to the process.

Trained professionals including financial advisers and family counsellors can also be involved.

In arbitration, a family arbitrator, acting like a private judge, is appointed by agreement.

This allows parties the flexibility to decide on a range of matters to be covered, using solicitors, but the arbitrator makes the decision.

Marion McDonald is a trained collaborative solicitor and family arbitrator, with extensive experience.

In most cases, we offer a fixed fee initial meeting, giving preliminary advice as well as guidance on the next steps, including a clear explanation of our costs going forward, if you decide to proceed.

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