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Data protection and GDPR

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Proactive support that protects your business — the right approach for data protection.

Whether it relates to online, offline, verbal or written, data protection legislation is designed to safeguard the personal information of individuals.

However, with the new GDPR regulation coming into force in May, businesses and other organisations are at risk of ever-larger fines as well as the considerable risk of reputational damage that comes with non-compliance.

This new Europe-wide legislation places a greater onus on businesses to demonstrate they have good data protection governance and, amongst other things, it also tightens the rules on consent.

As such, the new regime — which affects each and every part of every business — will add to the already significant obligations set out in law.

It also increases the penalties for breach: fines of up to €20 million, or 4% of global turnover, whatever is higher.

Trust our team, led by Kirk Tudhope and John Lee, to help you navigate the complex language of the GDPR, offering straightforward, sensible advice that protects your business, the information your hold, and your reputation.

We provide bespoke on-site training for your workforce, a legal audit of existing processes, and strategic recommendations for compliance and best practice.