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When employees move on — what’s changed with restrictive covenants?

Posted, 17 July 2019 by Rebecca Walker in Views
Categories: Employment | Litigation

Does one unreasonable clause mean the end of the line for an otherwise enforceable restrictive covenant? Not anymore. Senior associate Rebecca Walker explains.

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Homes on the market under valuation — week beginning Sunday 14 July

Posted, 16 July 2019 by Nicola Reid in Views
Categories: Private client | Residential property

Hands up if you’d like a great deal on your next home. To help, we’ve pulled together some great properties on the market under valuation.

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What I’ve learnt — Andrew Stott

Posted, 09 July 2019 in News
Categories: Insights | Us

If you could pass along a handful of life lessons to your younger self, what would you say? Inverness senior associate Andrew Stott spills the beans.

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What I’ve learnt — by Jennifer, aged 50 years and a third

Posted, 05 July 2019 in News
Categories: Insights | Us

If you could pass along a handful of life lessons, what would you say? Here’s what chairman and partner Jennifer Young thinks.

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Ledingham Chalmers raises thousands for healthcare charities

Posted, 02 July 2019 in News
Categories: CSR | Us

We look at the firm's fundraising efforts for healthcare charities over the past few weeks.

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When can an employer suspend an employee?

Posted, 25 June 2019 by Veli-Matti Raikkonen in Views
Categories: Corporate | Employment

Is an allegation of gross misconduct reason enough to suspend a worker? Or can an employer suspend only when necessary to protect people or property? We take a look.

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With uncertainty being the only certainty what’s happening in the Scottish land market?

Posted, 20 June 2019 by Linda Tinson in Views
Categories: Insights | Private client | Rural

We are living in unprecedented times. So in the rural sector, are people selling up, cashing in, and settling for an easy life. We find out.

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