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BBC News: And finally, the risk of unconscious bias.

Posted, 12 September 2017 by Sine Mackay in Views
Categories: Employment

And finally, why spot salaries — such as those seen at the BBC — are prone to unconscious bias, increasing the chances of claims under the Equality Act.

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Cyclists get in gear to help transform Black Isle sports facility

Posted, 11 September 2017 in News
Categories: CSR | Events

As the cycling grand tours finish, Ledingham Chalmers hosts a cycle round the Black Isle to help develop world-class community sports facilities.

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Entrepreneurship and exploration - what next for the oil and gas sector?

Posted, 06 September 2017 by Rod Hutchison in Views
Categories: Corporate

There is little doubt we’re operating in extraordinary times for the oil and gas industry; however, the opportunities are there for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to seize them.

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Offshore Europe - a confidentiality free zone?

Posted, 05 September 2017 by Peter Murray in Views
Categories: Corporate

Putting the right protections in place to safeguard your business at events such as Offshore Europe ensures you’re ideally positioned to tap into what can be a massive commercial opportunity.

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Avoiding the risks associated with tied housing

Posted, 04 September 2017 in News
Categories: Events

Providing tied housing as part of an employment package for rural posts without appropriate agreements in place presents a substantial risk for farm businesses. Join our team of experts later this month to hear about how to mitigate that risk. You’ll also have an opportunity to put your questions on “hot topics” to our panel.

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Offshore Europe: beware of oral contracts

Posted, 30 August 2017 in Views
Categories: Corporate

Is it possible for a legally binding contract to be created from a conversation between directors of two companies at Offshore Europe, albeit unintentionally?

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Ledingham Chalmers gets in gear for RSABI Great Glen Challenge

Posted, 21 August 2017 in News
Categories: CSR

Four Ledingham Chalmers competitors will show off their sporting prowess as they compete in the RSABI Great Glen Challenge event this Friday.

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Latest news headlines: BBC pay equality by 2020?

Posted, 03 August 2017 by Kirk Tudhope in Views
Categories: Employment

Inverness partner Kirk Tudhope explains why, even with the best of intentions at the BBC, pay equality by 2020 almost certainly won’t work.

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