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Sell, sell sell - how to get the best price for your home

Posted, 07 February 2018 by Mike Cunningham in Views
Categories: Residential property

Selling property can seem complicated, but there's lots you can do to make it easier. Plus, technology can help. Mike Cunningham explains.

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Ledingham Chalmers helps Forth Valley businesses prepare for GDPR

Posted, 01 February 2018 in News
Categories: Events

The firm is teaming up with Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce and CodeBase Stirling to discuss what organisations should do ahead of the legislation coming into force.

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Harassment from Hollywood to Holyrood: last year's biggest story?

Posted, 24 January 2018 by Kirk Tudhope in Views
Categories: Employment

Inverness partner Kirk Tudhope takes a look back at what hit the headlines in employment law in 2017.

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The force (majeure) awakens

Posted, 19 January 2018 by Uisdean Vass in Views
Categories: Corporate

Unforeseeable events are common in the oil and gas industry. That’s why more than a cursory glance at force majeure provisions is imperative.

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On the up — protecting your business in an improving oil and gas landscape

Posted, 18 January 2018 by Peter Murray in Views
Categories: Corporate

For the energy sector, obligation goes hand in hand with opportunity. Peter Murray, head of corporate, explains.

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A time of year to take notice

Posted, 17 January 2018 by Jennifer Young in Views
Categories: Construction | Corporate

Chairman and partner Jennifer Young discusses how making a resolution to schedule in notice dates means a healthier cashflow for construction companies in 2018.

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Ledingham Chalmers welcomes back prominent oil and gas experts

Posted, 16 January 2018 in News
Categories: Us

Scottish law firm Ledingham Chalmers has launched a new exploration and production (E&P) practice as it welcomes two renowned oil and gas lawyers back to the firm.

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Restrictive covenants and working capacity

Posted, 15 January 2018 by Jody Mitchell in Views
Categories: Corporate | Employment

Lack of precision in restrictive covenants can affect their enforceability, posing a real danger for the businesses looking to impose them. Partner Jody Mitchell explains.

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