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Finding out if franchising’s the best option for you

Posted, 18 July 2017 in Views
Categories: Corporate | Intellectual property | Start ups

Franchising can be a great, relatively low risk way of starting a business, but make sure you consider the proposition carefully and even be prepared to walk away if it’s not right for you.

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Get off my land - rights of access in Scotland

Posted, 13 July 2017 in Views
Categories: Commercial property | Rural

Beware of the Wild Boar? Inverness associate Elisa Miller explains why landowners seeking to bar access to land could attract a judicial challenge.

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Buying a home together

Posted, 04 July 2017 by Marion McDonald in Views
Categories: Family law

Buying your first home together is an exciting time, but you need to know what you’re getting into. Here are our top tips to help make things easier.

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Keeping up your side of the bargain

Posted, 12 June 2017 by Karen Cameron in Views
Categories: Construction

There’s no doubt the right to retain is a powerful remedy, but exercised when it shouldn’t be, it might expose you to claims for substantial losses.

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Employment Team on the road - warnings ahead

Posted, 08 June 2017 by Kirk Tudhope in Views
Categories: Employment

Reflecting on recent employment law events we’ve hosted, Kirk Tudhope explains why it’s not enough to know the law if we can’t apply it to the real world.

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From Hollywood to Hazlehead

Posted, 07 June 2017 by Emma Somerville in Views
Categories: Family law | Rural

You wouldn’t get married with uncertainty about your future spouse, so why enter marriage with uncertainty about your pre-marital assets?

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Getting your business set up for growth

Posted, 01 June 2017 by Andrew Stott in Views
Categories: Corporate

What turns a great idea into a successful enterprise? Inverness associate Andrew Stott says there are three main questions owners need to address.

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Hitting the high notes for VSA

Posted, 24 May 2017 in News
Categories: CSR

Last weekend, our choir was on winning form for VSA at the 2017 Sing, Sing, Sing competition.

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