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OTC half a century on — plus ça change?

Posted, 01 May 2019 by Rod Hutchison in Views
Categories: Corporate | Oil and gas

Five decades on from the first OTC, Aberdeen partner Rod Hutchison take a look at what's changed in the oil and gas industry, and where it goes from here.

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Setting out a stall for success in Scottish construction

Posted, 04 December 2018 by Jennifer Young in Views
Categories: Construction | Corporate | Oil and gas

The recent Build It Aberdeen Construction and Property Conference brought the sector together to discuss topics of interest for the north east.

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Decommissioning roadshow — making the most of this evolving market through collaboration

Posted, 15 August 2018 in Views
Categories: Corporate | Oil and gas

Here, partner Laura Petrie explains why collaboration is so important for the developing decommissioning sector and why we need to move away from standard contracts.

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