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Four-legged friends — safely buying and selling second-hand goods online.

Posted, 26 November 2018 by Laura Edmunds in Views
Categories: Litigation

On or offline, the general principle of buyer beware applies. Here senior solicitor Laura Edmunds looks at a recent case to illustrate this point.

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Video links in Scottish courts — fewer planes, trains and automobiles

Posted, 17 October 2018 by Victoria Leslie in Views
Categories: Litigation

The use of video links in court hearings is on the rise. Is this good or bad news for clients in remote communities?

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Contract basics – are you ready for battle?

Posted, 21 September 2018 by Laura Edmunds in Views
Categories: Commercial contracts | Corporate | Litigation

If you’re buying or selling goods and services, how do you know which company’s terms and conditions apply? And how can you make sure yours are properly incorporated?

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Between a fault and a hard place — again

Posted, 02 May 2018 by Roddy Cormack in Views
Categories: Commercial property | Construction | Litigation

When is a defect in how something is engineered or constructed not a “design” defect? Senior associate Roddy Cormack explains the latest twist in the tale of the Glendoe hydro electric scheme.

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The £25,000 parking charge

Posted, 02 May 2017 by Jody Mitchell in Views
Categories: Litigation

It's unclear why many people think private parking charges are unenforceable. It’s a myth, and refusing to pay on principle can prove expensive.

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