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How might changing housing standards affect residential properties on tenanted farms?

Posted, 10 November 2020 by Lorna McKay in Views
Categories: Insights | Rural

We look at what tenants need to look at now when it comes to the potential implications and opportunities to improve the condition of the housing on their farms.

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Blurred lines? The difference between executors and powers of attorney

Posted, 10 November 2020 by Dara Kinloch in Views
Categories: Insights | Private client

Both of these appointments can have a significant impact on your life, and those of your loved ones. We explain the differences.

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Question Time — ask our experts

Posted, 28 October 2020 by Gary Webster in Views
Categories: Events | Insights | Us

If you're in professional services, please join us next month when we're answering all your legal queries.

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