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Successful succession for tenant farmers

Posted, 09 December 2019 by Linda Tinson in Views
Categories: Insights | Private client | Rural

There are many good reasons to address the succession to a secure tenancy in life. Here, partner Linda Tinson delves into the detail.

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Is Airbnb in it for the long haul, or outstaying its welcome?

Posted, 04 December 2019 by Nicola Grant in Views
Categories: Commercial property | Insights

Over the past 18 months there has been increasing pressure on the Scottish Government to introduce regulations to govern the short-term rental sector and provide clarity to operators, users and communities. We take a look.

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Separation — a festive season survival guide

Posted, 27 November 2019 by Emma Somerville in Views
Categories: Family law | Insights

The festive season’s a time of year many people look forward to, but it’s also sadly peak break-up time for couples. Here, we take a look at how to best approach separation, at any time of year.

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Myth-busting powers of attorney

Posted, 20 November 2019 by Dara Kinloch in Views
Categories: Insights | Private client

What is a power of attorney, why’s it important, and do I really need one? To coincide with the first National Power of Attorney day, senior solicitor Dara Kinloch tells all.

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IR35 — what should the private sector do to prepare?

Posted, 22 October 2019 by Kirk Tudhope in Views
Categories: Employment | Insights

With reforms set to impact the private sector early next year, Kirk Tudhope looks at what businesses should be doing now to get their house in order.

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Reflecting on World Mental Health Day — the right to disconnect

Posted, 17 October 2019 by Natalia Milne in Views
Categories: Employment | Insights

With mobile technology it’s increasingly hard to disconnect from work, but is being ‘on’ 24/7 good for us and our mental health, or even the businesses we work for?

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