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Inverness Business Briefing - when uncertainty's a certainty

Posted, 27 March 2017 by Jennifer Young in Views
Categories: Corporate | Employment

With days to go until Theresa May triggers Article 50, and persistent uncertainty around an evolving political landscape at home and abroad, there’s no doubt we’re living in interesting times.

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Data protection - personal information as property

Posted, 02 March 2017 by Sine Mackay in Views
Categories: Corporate | Employment | Litigation

Affecting all businesses, data protection means treating personal information as property, and that property needs to be properly looked after.

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On and off the buses - disability discrimination

Posted, 19 January 2017 by Kirk Tudhope in Views
Categories: Corporate | Employment | Litigation

A recent Supreme Court decision highlights one of the challenges with disability discrimination. While clear guidance can be given, it can never be reduced to an all embracing set of rules.

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