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OTC half a century on — plus ça change?

Posted, 01 May 2019 by Rod Hutchison in Views
Categories: Corporate | Oil and gas

Five decades on from the first OTC, Aberdeen partner Rod Hutchison take a look at what's changed in the oil and gas industry, and where it goes from here.

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How to avoid paying more than you bargained for in indexed rent reviews

Posted, 08 February 2019 by John Mitchell in Views
Categories: Commercial property | Corporate

Commercial rent reviews can be complex, so clarity, careful consideration and negotiation is the order of the day for both parties.

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To be or not to be — what happens when an insolvent company isn’t insolvent?

Posted, 11 January 2019 by Rebecca Walker in Views
Categories: Corporate | Employment | Bankruptcy and insolvency law

Why does Scots insolvency law mean workers potentially can’t get paid after the collapse of Scottish clinical waste firm HES? And would the same thing happen south of the border?

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