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Modern Limited Duration Tenancies (MLDTs) — a new type of agricultural tenancy

Posted, 07 November 2017 by Lois Craig
Categories: Private client | Rural

What will change later this month when the Modern Limited Duration Tenancy (MLDT) replaces the Limited Duration Tenancy (LDT) for all agricultural leases over 10 years?

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Controlling the controllables - building a sustainable farming sector

Posted, 18 September 2017 by Linda Tinson
Categories: Family law | Private client | Rural

Given current political and economic uncertainty, it has arguably never been more important for the rural sector to invest in a sustainable future.

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Get off my land - rights of access in Scotland

Posted, 13 July 2017 by Elisa Miller
Categories: Commercial property | Rural

Beware of the Wild Boar? Inverness associate Elisa Miller explains why landowners seeking to bar access to land could attract a judicial challenge.

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From Hollywood to Hazlehead

Posted, 07 June 2017 by Emma Somerville
Categories: Family law | Rural

You wouldn’t get married with uncertainty about your future spouse, so why enter marriage with uncertainty about your pre-marital assets?

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A day at the Balcormo Races - another successful Fife point to point meeting

Posted, 05 May 2017 by Jim Drysdale
Categories: Rural

Ledingham Chalmers partner Jim Drysdale gives his report on last weekend’s Balcormo Races, held in Fife.

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Planning a sustainable future for the family farm

Posted, 05 April 2017 by Linda Tinson
Categories: Family law | Private client | Rural

Proper planning, together with professional legal and financial support can ensure a smooth transition into the farm business for the next generation.

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